Social Media and Live Streaming Policy

(Beckenhorst Press, The Music of Dan Forrest, Elaine Hagenberg Music)

Social Media, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc:

We do not require permission or a license to post performances of our music on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, other social media, SoundCloud (with downloads disabled), etc. We simply require that you list the Title, Composer, and Publisher as clearly as possible (preferably in the title of the video, and also in the description and/or in the video itself), so that others can find the print music. This free advertising benefits the performers, the composer, and the publisher, and we encourage it. 

We do not currently track or monetize our music content on YouTube, due to the difficulty of tracking streams and sharing revenue, or the potential complications preventing others from sharing our music. We would prefer to nurture the music-making process and support those who want to share our music. We simply ask that you clearly list title/composer/publisher…. thank you for your help! (Note, this policy may change once the full ramifications of the Music Modernization Act of 2018 are in place.)

Facebook Live:

Brief excerpts of performances, or impromptu sharing of rehearsals, do not require permission or license; again, please just clearly list title/composer/publisher of the work so that you’re helping “advertise” the piece. (If you plan to Facebook Live a performance of an entire piece, or an entire concert, this falls under Live Streaming; please see the Live Streaming policy below.)

(Reminder: these policies are for Beckenhorst Press, Music of Dan Forrest, and Elaine Hagenberg Music. Other publishers may require permission/licensing for situations that we have chosen not to.)

Live Streaming/Webcasting worship services:

We recommend the streaming license add-on from, which will cover the streaming of virtually all of the music in all of your worship services for a year, for a very reasonable price. (This is a much better option than trying to license every piece individually through its publisher.)

Live Streaming/Webcasting concerts:

These are best covered by an ASCAP performance license, which may be purchased as a annual blanket license, or a single-event license. Simply report our works that were livestreamed, on your annual survey. If you are not an ASCAP member, and wish to license your live-streamed concert performance directly, please request a Performance License from us, using the form linked on our main Licensing page.


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