"English" Suite - 3 to 5 octaves

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3-5 octave handbell choir, optional 3 or 4 octaves of handchimes.  Level 2 to 3.  Set of three pieces: March (processional); Air (Meditation); Giga (Rejoicing).  This delightful trio of tunes from Michael Helman are great fun to play and hear, whether individually, or played together as an entire suite.  The stately "March" throws in some exciting harmonies while maintaining a steady, forward-moving tempo.  The delicate "Air" breathes life into a flowing, memorable melody and makes effective use of handchimes.  The spirited "Giga" is a grand celebration in six-eight time.  Each movement also has alternate subtitles, suitable for use in worship.  Also available in a 2-3 octave version.

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Michael Helman