Waltz from Masquerade Suite - full score

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Written by Aram Khachaturian and transcibed for double handbell choirs (HB369A and HB369B - both 5-7 octaves) and 5-6 1/2 octaves of handchimes by William Griffin.  William Griffin has given advanced choirs a fun challenge piece with his arrangement of Aram Khachaturian's Waltz from Masquerade Suite, for two five-to-seven octave handbell choirs with five to six-and-a-half octaves of handchimes.  This piece, written in memory of David R. Davidson, is a fitting tribute in both its complexity and its musicality.  All of your ringers will be kept quite busy throughout, and will need to pay careful attention to both the accidentals and the flowing chime line, which dances in and around the various accompaniment lines.  On the chance you're unable to find two qualified choirs to ring this piece, a four-hand piano arrangement (HB369C) of the second choir part is available.  Use this piece during a concert to amaze your audience and exhaust your ringers!

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Waltz from Masquerade Suite full score
William H. Griffin