Photocopy for Translations License


To photocopy a song that has been translated into another language. A copy of the re-engraved, translated music must be submitted with the license. Note: no translations will be accepted in Korean.  For Korean permission please contact Jang Choi at Sunmin Music,

NOTE: Photocopying individual anthems/octavos/songs is not permitted and is illegal, as it constitutes theft of Beckenhorst Press's intellectual and physical property. Membership in CCLI or OneLicense does not give permission to record or photocopy music. Other than copying for a translation, we do not give permission to photocopy music except for the following circumstances:

  • ease of page turning for the accompanist (sufficient copies of the music must have been purchased)
  • enlarging music for the visually challenged (sufficient copies of the music must have been purchased)
  • copies for judges at contests (please email us with details to get a letter of permission)
  • for individual songs out of collections (see Photocopy from a Collection License; fee required.)


To purchase a Photocopy for Translations License, please download and print the following PDF.

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Photocopy for Translations License
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